Posted on August 3, 2002 by [INC]redrum

The wonderful world of Warfare-Inc!! First off, let me apologize for not putting any new info up in awhile. My fault. -Now, as for [INC]... Wow! Alot has happened since my last update (as you all know).

First things first; Heavy never showed up and was to busy messing around with SOF2 to care about wolf -so he is out. Jay, who got tired of all the "politics" decided to take a lil break and get some freash air and QUIT!! (I'm sure we will see more of him though). And finally as for myself; I decided to throw in the towel as well... As you all know, I am not as interested in wolf as I once was and would not be effective asset for the clan. I'll continue to do the website though, and help out in other ways if need be.

Other then that.... Long live [INC]!!!

Posted on June 23, 2002 by [INC]redrum

The links page is now up and running. I provided a link to our calander, as well as other links to important sites in the RTCW community.

Posted on June 08, 2002 by [INC]redrum

There have been some major updates done to this website. First off, I changed the 'events' section to 'forums' and provided a link to our forums hosted by ezboard.com. I also changed the 'contact' section to 'links' and I plan on adding some links for us in the near future.

I also went ahead and did some revisions to the roster page. I added [INC]heavy_guns (by the way, welcome heavy!!), and combined the teams into one for easier reading and promotion of unity. -This should be the last time that I will change these sections around since it looks like this is all we will need. Thanks for hanging in there and trying to make sense of this! Everything should be good to go as of now.

Posted on June 04, 2002 by [INC]redrum

[INC]trucore has decided that due to other "responsibilities" in his life, he will no longer be able to frag with [INC]. Responsibilities like preparing for college, and getting the homework done. Well let me tell ya something buddy, that stuff doesn't mean a thing and will never mean a thing compared to Wolf! J/k. We wish ya luck and hope that you do well in all that you seek to do. Be sure to check up on us on our IRC channel. Otherwise, bon voyage! ;)