Q: How do I contact Warfare Inc?

A: You can contact [INC]mangler (current leader) according to the information on the roster page... or if you need to talk with anyone else, you can visit their individual roster pages. We also have forums hosted by ezboard.com for public use. Visitors and/or clan leaders are welcome to leave us a message or schedule an event.

Q: How do I become a Warfare Inc. member?

A: To become a member you must be invited to join. The clan has decided that recruitment through invitation only is the best and most effective way of selecting the highest quality players in the rtcw world.

Q: How do I get invited for membership?

A: Our selection/invitation process is based on observation of gameplay. For us to consider inviting a gamer to join the clan, a gamer must do three specific things; First, and most obvious, a gamer needs to play on the same server we play on. If we are not at the same place, it won't be possible for us to watch you. Second, once you find a server with some of our members in it, all you have to do is just ask one or two of us to watch you play. Then finally, and most importantly, once you have our attention, show us what you got! Impress us with your skillz and abilities in gameplay.

Q: What kind of "skillz and abilities" are you gonna be looking for?

A: The clan will be looking for two distinct areas of gameplay; teamwork and single-player action. With teamwork, members will be looking to see how well a gamer operates as a team. All constructive teamwork such as good communication, team support, offensive and defensive collaborative strategies, and all-around smart teamplay, will be highly regarded. For single-player action, members will be looking to see how well the individual plays. Specifically, we will look at the choice of class and weapons and how well the gamer uses them. Smart and progressive gameplay with a tactical and strategic sense will be looked upon favorably. -If you are good, we will know.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for membership?

A: Yes, any gamer looking to potentially join Warfare Inc. must be at least 16 years of age or older, and must live in the United States or Canada.

Q: What server does Warfare, Inc. use?

A: Currently, the clan does not have a dedicated server, but we are looking to get one in the near future for clan use. In the meantime, you can find our members using different public servers, such as; Rtcwcentral (, Tqc I (, Tqc II (, and Janitors (

Note: The best way to find our members in rtcw is to use a browsing utility such as Pathfinder. This program, and programs like it, will allow you to scan all of the servers in the rtcw world and find out who is playing where and on what server. It also provides a lot more info such as pings, server pings, frag scores, and more. You can download Pathfinder from rtcwcentral.com under the download section.

Q: Will the clan participate in future multi-player games?

A: The clan will participate in future MP games if it decided upon through an unanimuous vote by the members. The choice of game will depend on several different factors. Such as; 1) Quality of the game 2) Popularity in the MP community, and 3) League and tourneyment avialability.