These are the current rules for Warfare, Inc. They have been designed to promote a mature and professional standpoint for the clan, and are not intended to dictate leadership in any way. Furthermore, they have been created to foster a workable and comfortable team atmosphere...

1. All direct orders must be obeyed.

2. Cheating will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

3. All members must attend all scheduled meetings, scrimmages, pre-match training exercises, and league matches. If a member cannot attend an event for any reason, it is their responsibility to contact those in charge to tell them so.

4. All members must act in an appropriate manner within a gaming environment and public events (such as irc chat). For example; no swearing, cursing, flaming, and/or abusive/degrading talk towards opponents or teammates.

5. All members must represent the clan to the fullest extent; both in gameplay performance and positive representation (In other words; no talking smack about the clan).

6. All members must be willing to watch any gamer who may want to tryout for recruitment. Full and complete attention must be provided without hesitation.

Note: If a rule is broken, consequences may be applied. The consequence will depend on the situation, knowledge of events, and severity of the fractured rule (which is to be determined by those involved and clan opinion and/or vote).